★DDTドラマティック総選挙2018 演説放送~スーパー・ササダンゴ・マシン~


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1.男色ディーノ 2.HARASHIMA 3.遠藤哲哉 4.佐々木大輔 5.高梨将弘 6.高尾蒼馬 7.竹下幸之介 8.彰人 9.赤井沙希 10.大石真翔 11.KUDO 12.勝俣瞬馬 13.石井慧介 14.大鷲透 15.MAO 16.アントーニオ本多 17.坂口征夫 18.平田一喜 19.樋口和貞 20.スーパー・ササダンゴ・マシン 21.上野勇希 22.ゆに 23.ヨシヒコ 24.伊橋剛太 25.島谷常寛 26.マッド・ポーリー 27.星誕期 28.ゴージャス松野 29.梅田公太 30.渡瀬瑞基 31.飯野雄貴 32.奥田啓介 33.タノムサク鳥羽 34.今成夢人 35.伊藤麻希 36.葛西純 37.中澤マイケル

◆個人2位には賞金30万円とKO-Dタッグ王座、DDT EXTREME級王座、KO-D6人タッグ王座、KO-D10人タッグ王座、アイアンマンヘビーメタル級王座のいずれかに挑戦できる権利が与えられます。

<ALL OUT>・・・竹下幸之介、彰人、勝俣瞬馬、飯野雄貴




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【Super Sasadango Machine】
Hello, it’s Super Sasadango Machine.
My DDT Dramatic General Elections, that’s what it’s called, right?
For the Dramatic General Elections 2018, I have 3 promises to make.
First, I currently do 1-2 matches per month with DDT, but if I make the top 20, I will negotiate with the company to allow me to do at least like 5 matches per month.
Second, if I come out at first place in the Elections, and if I subsequently become the KO-D Openweight Champion, I will try to make the title matches more casual and approachable.
For example, I’d like allow people to challenge, if they feel like it, even if they may not be too confident in their wrestling.
I will strive to remove barriers. And lastly, if I can win these Elections, which are of the largest scale in the history of these Elections, I will take this momentum and run for Governor in my home prefecture of Niigata.
There is also our new Unit, Ji Compliance.
I would like to promote the awareness of refraining from making inappropriate comments on Twitter, specifically refraining from posting while intoxicated, and avoiding posting past 10pm when the human mind and thought processes become more complex.
That will be it, please vote for us.